Slow updates


Luckily Jacob is an epic updater because I can’t seem to remember to do it. The trip is amazing and everyone involved is having a great time. I will add a few interesting tidbits for those who make the trip.

1. Get lost on the train, after that you’ll know it and never have a problem again.

2. Stores are often smaller than American stores and stacked on each other. Thus, Google won’t always help. It gets you to the building and that is about it.

3. Try everything.

4. Embrace the culture and norms the for the short time. Don’t be that person, bow, do the Shinto rituals, and learn. It is apart of understanding the unique cultural exchange.

5. Be kind. Our student hosts do so much for us and while it’s a part of their schooling they deserve all the praise. Our student lost her umbrella total the wind and as I tried to buy her a new one other students almost cried because they saw it as so nice. We discussed Karma and moved on.

6. See all of it. The tradition (shrines, museums, etc), nature (Fugi), and the new (Kawaii culture, trendy shops, karaoke, professional wrestling). It’s a layered world.





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