Kamakura Tour & Shibuya!


We left the hotel today very early today to go sightseeing. We were greated after breakfest by a whole bunch of Technos students. Turns out there was one Technos student per international student. The Technos students were from the touring department of the college, and they were assigned to us to help with questions and to learn facts! 

My buddy was named Minato. He likes to play baseball! After about 2 hours of chatting we arrived at Hase temple. It was so beautiful, exactly what I wanted to see while I was in Japan! Gardens, ponds, and koi fish! You then walked up a step hill to find the temple. We went inside after we went on the famous hydrangea path. It was again a steep walk, but the entire hill side was covered with blue, purple, and marron flowers! Absolutely beautiful. At the top there was a remarkable view of the ocean! 

Once we started down, we went into the temple and inside there was a huge statue called Juichimen Kannon. He is a bodhisattva with 11 faces and one of the tallest wooden statues in all of Japan. His 11 faces allows him to hear prayers in all directions. 

After that we started back down to the bus and I took a few last pond pictures before getting on the bus.

Our next stop was Kotokuin Temple. This wasn’t like a “oh my god big Temple.” It did have a very interesting attraction! A statue of Amida Buddha that is 13.35 meters (43.8 feet) tall. It used to be in a big temple, but typhoons and a tidal wave destroyed the building. This statue was originally casted in 1252. 

For ¥20 you could go inside. It was hollow inside and you were able to see all of the carving marks. After that we all went to lunch. It was stormy and raining all day. I spent most of my time protecting my camera. 

For lunch we had a whole fish with rice, soup, and pork. Very good! After we got done, a lot of us went back to the bus and waiters till we left.

On the bus, Minato fell asleep and left me hanging 

We played games on our way to the next location and I won two prizes I plan to give to Emma who is my back home friend. 

The last area we went to was Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. This was built in 1062 for the gods of samurai warriors. My favorite part was the big red arches that they had! It was amazing and it was really high up! 

I left for the buss after about 15 minutes because I broke my umbrella and had no more defense agains the weather. I got on the bus soaked and waited for our time to run up.

We came back to the hotel and I went to my room and searched for pictures to post for the contest. I decided on a Buddha Statue, a pond area, and a pic of Mariah, Steph, and Brandon walking together. I like them and they meant a lot to me. 

Mariah messaged me and asked if I wanted to go to Shibuya. I was happy because that was the last thing on my must see list. I would have felt incomplete without going. We went and there it was… Shibuya Crossing! It was so fun to watch everyone and be part of the people! 

After that Mariah and I walked around and looked at the pretty city lights. Then we went to Starbucks to get a drink and a better view of the crossing. I got some double chocolate chip heaven drink! We went upstairs and got to watch the people cross a lot. It was so cool! 

After that we decided it was time to go back. I got to witness the “pusher” it’s this guys job to shove people into the trains so the doors will close. I wasn’t on the train but I had heard about it and it’s true. 

That’s all for today. Did I mention that we have 2 days left…. like where did that time go? 

That’s for stopping by, catch ya tomorrow 


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