Airline before the plane home? 


Went went back to Technos yesterday! We were in more classes like the manga one I was in a few days ago. I was in the airline course class! 

We made origami cranes, tried cool popular snacks and then played bingo. You had to act out the animal for bingo and I got a gorilla! 

After that we went to a new room that had an acctual airline seating area! We all turned in our “passport” and got our tickets. We boarded the plane! The thing in my hand was a gift from Japan.

After we got our drinks and snacks (yes acctual softdrinks and snack) it was our turn to serve drinks and snacks to the students. 

Next we went to the gym where the students put on a culture fashion show and we played games! I also made a samurai hat! 

After that we went to the hotel and a few of us again went to donquihite and then dinner. The dinner we had was again cool. You had 2 salads, 1 appetizer, 2 main dishes, and a desert. But they all came in waves. And you had to finish the current plate before you could get the next one. 

Then we all walked home and went to bed. I just loaded all my luggage on the bus and now we are leaving for our last trip to Technos.  

Today I’m wearing a traditional Japanese summer clothing called a Jinbei! It’s the blue outfit I posted a few days ago! Mya also is wearing hers! We didn’t even plan it! 

I can’t believe it done! Like tomorrow I’ll see my mom and my grandmother. Like two weeks already! I don’t think I’m ready to leave. It’s been so wonderful here 

I’ll tell you about the party after I’m at my hotel tonight! 

Stay tuned for the finish 


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