Hello Japan has been great so far ready to start our Day adventure!!


Thoughts about Day 2


Well it seems like the days are flying by I’m on day three now and I cannot wait for another exciting day! 

Yesterday after a delicious breakfest some other American students and I went for a walk. I know some of their names – Jacob (goes by chappy), Elizabeth, and Will.  

We walked all over the surrounding area! We saw some shrines and quite a few local houses. I was very surprise to see how close the houses were and even the space that each house had. Moreover, it seemed that each house had their own garden. And it was kept up with very well. We also went into some stores and even a McDonalds. I think I’m going to try a cheeseburger sometime so I can see the taste difference. Speaking of taste difference, I bought a Mt. Dew. It didn’t taste bad, it seemed as if someone had poured some mellow yellow or sprite and mixed it. 

After this we were picked up and tought how to use the busses. We arrived at Technos and I was very surprise at the massiveness of the campus. They had 2 sections that were 9 stories high. We went to a room where we sat and talked until Matt (Technos coordinator) told us about what was about to happen. After he left, I talked with 2 other students from an arts college in New York. Their names were Spencer (graphics design) and Madison (photography). I felt we connected very well! After that we all lined up by college and walked to the found floor. 

Once down there, we looked outside into the massive courtyard and saw hundreds of Technos students gathered around a very long red carpet, waving America, Japan, and Britain flags. I had heard you walk down a red carpet but I refused to believe it! But sure enough I walked down a red carped with hundreds of students giving me high fives and ,some who couldn’t contain themselves, hugging me. We were asked our name and how we liked our trip so far before we walked up more stairs and joined our group. 

After this, we went for lunch and I FINALLY HAD MY SUSHI!!!!! I can honestly say I had one of each kind they offered. One looked like it had mini marbles on them. Each piece was so delicious! I loved the sushi that they offered us! 

We went back to the hotel and we had roughly 2.5 hours of free time. So a big group (Myself, Madison, Spencer, Will, Chappy, Steph, Meria, and Elizabeth) went on more adventure. We walked a slightly different direction than the morning, and Madison and I hit gold! We found a park that had a beautiful waterfall area with ducks. The place was indescribably beautiful. We all sat in a shaded area and just took in the beautiful sight.

We started back have some humorous conversations and myself doing the splits to prove a point! I waited in the hotel lobby for the Technos students to pick us up for dinner. I was very tired since it was 1 am where I am. 

One girl named Aoi was in my group  , along with 5 other Technos students, Steph and another guy I haven’t got the name of yet. The place the took us was a perfect place to show us a different culture. We walked in and had to remove our shoes. You walked back and the table was the same height of the floor and you had to sit on either side. (There was a deep area carved out for feet.) They selected 4 different soups to give us . From the four soups we had 2 dipping sauces and an raw egg in from of us. Aoi’s English was very good and told me how this worked. You took a piece of raw meat of your choosing and then dipped it into one of the 4 (almost boiling) soups. The meat would eventually turn white. Once it did you took it out and dipped it into either one of the two sauces or the egg depending on which soup you slected. And then you ate it! My favorite was the traditional Japanese soup I believe it was call skiie. That one you had to dip into the raw egg. I know to some, it sounds gross and I had my own concernes. But I am here for a reason of cultural exchange, and I tried it without hesitation. It was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted! We ordered desert and I got something that tasted like a strawberry cheese cake! (My favorite was the one on the far right)

Once we left it was night. We road the train back to our hotel and said our goodbyes. I came to my room, and Chappy let me borrow his computer charger. I found out that there are no 3 prong outlets so that did nothing. (Which is why I took that photo off my camera from my phone) I was barely awake so I changed and went to bed! 

I’ll tell you all about today, tonight! Don’t wanna overload you all! 

Till next time