The United States of America


Right now I am sitting in my room in southern Illinois watching Orange is the New Black. 

The plan ride home was better than on the way there. I watched Lego Batman Movie, A Dogs Purpose, Beauty and the Beast, Divergent, and Alligent. The coolest thing about the plane ride – I witnessed the sun set, nighttime, and the sun rise all within three hours. 

After we got off the plane, we landed in Georgia and cut it very close to catch our connecting flight. Our flight from Japan got delayed by an hour so we only had 2 hours to get through customs, and everything, then run to our gate. We made it with about 20 minutes of time to spare. 

Then we boarded our flight to St. Louis. I got to sit in a row of seats by myself cause they were never sold. I watched 4 episodes of Adventure Time and then I feel asleep for about 40 minutes. Whenever I awoke, we only had about 10 minutes till we landed. I looked out my window and saw a place I knew! 

I knew I was moments away from seeing my mom and Grammy.

Once out of the gate I walked for about 3 minutes and they were sitting there waiting for me! I hugged them and we went to get my bags. I waited and waited and started to get scared when I didn’t find my bag. Eventually it came and we went to the car. Stephen stoped on his way out and said have a safe trip home! 

We went to a hotel as I live an extra 3 hours from St. Louis. There I gave my mom and Grammy their presents and they loved them! We went to Steak ‘n Shake and I ordered 2 whole meals cause you know haven’t had a burger in two weeks haha! 

After that we went back to the hotel and I showed them majority of my pictures. The second I hit the bed I was out. 

The next morning we packed up and then went to Cracker Barrel for breakfest. Then we hit the road and 3 hours later I was home. I unpacked some and then I feel asleep again. Jet lag sucks I tell ya. When I woke up I unpacked the rest of my stuff and just laid and watched Orange is the New Black. 

Here is everything I bought minus my moms and Grammys stuff. 

When I woke up this morning, I received a message from Rina. She said that my gift went with the concept of her room!

It really made me happy to see my art making someone else happy. I think today I’m going to try and get my pictures up on Facebook for everyone. 

These past two weeks were life changing with the different culture, and the people I met. I could have not been more thankful for everything that I was able to do. This experiences makes me want to get out in the world, and even learn some languages! 

One last thing, I would like to thank all of you for coming on this journey with me! I thank you for being amazing readers and taking the time to read this blog! Furthermore I hope you all got a glance of what I was able to do!  This is my last blog post, but it will not be the end to my adventures! 

Thank you so much for reading


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