Manga Creation


So yesterday we went to Technos to sit in on some of the classes. They assigned us 3 groups. I was put into the manga creation class. 

In the class the students were preparing for life of comics and other drawings. We were to draw manga ourself while the professor helped us. Thoes of you that know me, know I cannot draw very well, but I can paint. When we had our outline done. We had to go over it in ink. We used the metal famcy tip pens! Or whatever they are called but the ones where you had to dip it into a bottle of ink. Mia was amazing at doing it! 

I was also blown away by how good the students were. Some of them didn’t look handrawn 

When we were about to leave a Technos student behind us drew all of use. And it was so kawaii! I’m the one with his back turned 

After we were done, we had lunch at the college and then we were done for the day. I went back to my room and looked through pictures to send in for a contest the students are putting on. I think I have my 3 selected but it could changed. The deadline is tonight.

After a short time Brandon Leslie and I went to dohnquhotea which is like a less fancy Walmart. They both bought stuff but all I got was a soda haha. 

Brandon and I decided to go back to Harajuku because he wanted to find a tradition formal wear for his girlfriend and grandmother. It looks like this  I helped him find a matching belt. I bought a cute outfit. It was traditional summer wear! 

After we got back I went to my room and watched suicide squad. I shortly fell to sleep during the move. I just don’t realize how tired I am! 

Today is a longer day so I’ll let you know all about it at 5 for me and 3 am for my hometown! 

See you later 


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