Seisaku Taiken (Fake Food) and Sensoji Temple


Shoutout to Vanessa for posting all the Japanses words on her Facebook for me to steal. 

Now that that is over, today we took the train to Asakusa. From the train we went to a cool store that had three metal bins with warm water in them. Next to the bins were 3 cups containing some yellow, green and white liquids. On the other side of the room, there were bags and containers with numbers on them. We went over and picked up a number to put on our apron and we went over for a brief instruction session. 

The lady told us step by step how type stuff works and then told us to select two pieces of fake food. I chose shrimp and an eggplant. Basically this is what we were doing. In Japan they have a lot of fake food outside of restaurant to try and get you inside. The food is very very realistic! And we were going to make some fake food.

First I did my shrimp and with that you used the yellow liquid. You had to pour it from a high distance in a rectangle into the water. As it would fall, it would kind of stick together and bubble in a way. This would create a fried coating look. You would then place your shrimp on the longer part of the rectangle, grab it by the tail, and then pull it down. The liquid would turn into a solid as it went into the water. Then you would turn it right side up and bring it out of the water. Next you had to fold the edges to make it go all the way around. You would pinch any excess of with your finger. Once that was done you would then put it into a bowl of cold water. This would harden it. Then I did my eggplant which was the same thing. After that we made cabbage. You took the white and poured a bit into the water. You would then grab an edge and hold it while you gently poured the rest on top of the little bit you had. Then you would take the bottom of the ladle and gently drag the white puddle into a long rectangle. Next you add green halfway on the white with the same distance. After that you then add in more layer of green and you are ready to go. You would pull the white side down to the bottom, then a towards you, and the up. Next you would gently start to roll the cabbage to either side. Once done you put it in the cold water and cut it. 

It was so interesting and fun to watch. I remember wataching an Facebook video on the cabbage but never thought I would acctually get to make it!  Next we went to lunch. You remember the dinner were you fried stuff? We we went to one of thoes; only you got to grill it! 

After this we all were like dying cause we ate way too much. Next we went to the temple. It was massive! Bigger than I expected. It was a little crowed but I was exicted to see several people in their formal wears! There were massive gates that you entered which had huge lanterns! 

We all went to the temple and witnessed a prayer happening. It was very cool. We found a fortune telling station. You put ¥100 into a slot and you get to draw a fortune! You would shake this big spaghetti size container and payed. When you were done you would shake a stick out that had a number. From the number, you drew from the many many many slots that matched your number. I drew a good fortune and was suprised how close it matched with my life. Steph and Leslie got bad ones. If you get a bad one, you have to go tie it into a rack to get rid of it or something like that. Steph just went and bought luck. 

After that we hit the shops. Outside of the temple there are shops in a perfect line for at least a mile. I bought my Grammy something very nice and my best friend Genna something too! From there we all headed back to the hotel. Brandon Mariah and I wanted more adventure, but less people. So we visited the park! We walked around and found a cool obsticle course thingy. We all failed miserably but it was still fun! 

We found a swing set and just chilled and talked about our trip and life. Steph messaged Mariah and asked if we wanted to go to the ramen place by the hotel. So we all said sure and left. I had my usual because it’s amazing. I ran out of water and learned a new word today! Sumimasen which means excuse me, I’m sorry, and rarely thank you. (I know the word for thank you as well.) Sumimasen is kind of you call a waiter or waitress over if you need something. After I got my water I said arigatou for thank you! 

Brandon and I went to the bookstore to go look for some booked he wanted. He ended up buying 2 books of his favorite series and 2 book covers kind of like what I bought the other day. We went back to the hotel and I’m now falling asleep while typing this.

Final thoughts of the day: (kinda sad)

4 days… what. It feels like 3 days have gone by. I’m too shy to say this in person but I’m gonna miss these people like crazy… it kind of hit me and I don’t remember not knowing half of these people. We all connected so fast and on so many levels. But we have to part? And most of us are from all over the states so like will I see them again. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend this experience with. I have made the most of my time and I’ll soak up everything I can. This has inspired me to travel, to learn a new culture, a new language. I wanna do more than what our four boarders lets us. I want to see the world. I want to live my life! 

Arigatou for reading! 


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