Baseball Rain 


 We got to the baseball field today and we were in pretty good seats. About 4 rows behind the guard rail near 3rd base. 

The game was interesting, but kind of boaring. The innings went by very fast because everyone was either getting striked out, or the balls were being caught. On the fourth pitch however, the pitcher hit the batter right in the kisser! He walked off the field and was taken to be checked out. Around the end of the 4th inning, we felt a few raindrops. It gradually started to increase until the 5 inning when it started to pour. 

We decided it was time to leave and go to the baseball souvenir store. I found some stickers to put in my scrap book. After that Steph, Brandon and I went back to the hotel so we could figure out what to do. Mariah joined us at the hotel and we decided to walk a bit to go to a big shrine and a food distric. The shine was beautiful! Very big with huge arches. They had a lot of dragons and memorials. 

We decided on a little restaurant on the seventh floor of this building. Once there they place looked like it was a five star restaurant in America! But it was very cheap! My whole meal was only 850 yen ($8)! 

I got a chicken dish that was very delicious! After that we decided to go walk around and we found another place like where I bought my cat things yesterday. I bought something for my bestie Genna (can’t say cause she reads these) and I also bought book tabs. Like when you wanna mark a page, only they are cats peaking from the page cornor. 

We went to a donut shop and had a quick snack before leaving to go back to the hotel. Brandon and I walked way ahead of Steph and Mariah. When we got back I came to my room to change and then I visited with Leslie and Step until they were tired. Now I am in my room getting ready for bed. 

It’s been such and amazing experience and I even learned how to say excuse me today! 

See you tomorrow! 



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