6 hour bus ride…


Well today we left! As I said, my room had to help with breakfest. We served soup and filled drinks nothing too bad. 

After eating, we went and cleaned our rooms and packed up. We all met outside of the entrance for a group photo. After that we said our goodbyes to the amazing people that let us stay in their beautiful reapet and departed for Matsumoto Castle!

After a two hour bus ride, we finally arrived at a parking spot. We walked for about ten minutes and suddenly we rounded a corner and there was the massive castle! Nicknamed Black Crow. We learend on the bus that most castles in Japan were white. This one was black, and was Japans only castle that hadn’t been rebuilt! The outside was beautiful! We took a group photo and I took a photo of the Koi fish in the moat. We started inside where we found a ninja! Thoese pictures are on my camer! I did the old switch them around thing and it worked all day! 

Once inside there was a beautiful garden that stretched all the way to the castle! I bought some really cute souvenirs!

We went inside and saw a bunch of cool stuff. My favorite was the samurai armor! It was an original piece! 

Next we went to the top and saw the amazing view. After this I got a mellow yellow and once again, it taste different!

We went to a meso (type of Japanese soup) restaurant/factory! We got a tour of the factory which is ran traditionally . Meaning they make the soup in big barrels! We were lucky to have 3 years aged meso soup! It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had! The photo below was what happened when I took my camera off, everyone thought it was funny! They called me a pairate! 

After dinner we got back on the bus and for 3 more hours. They played an amazing cartoon for us. We got off and I said by to Mariah cause she will be doing a homestay! 

I came to my room and I am currently getting ready to go to Shinjuku! With Vanessa (spelt it right!) Leslie, Portia, Brandon and maybe a few others! 

I plan to post again when I’m back about my experience!

Thanks for reading! 



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