Adventure, Waterballoons, & Fireworks!


Hey pals!

So today I found something on my bucket list – but let’s start at the top. 

So as usual we woke up and went to get breakfest. The litterally served French fries for breakfest! Once we were done eating some of us went out to play tennis. After about an hour Mariah and I went on a walk. 

We walked north up a hill that said there was a golf course. We walked up the many steep steps and found some more resort houses. We were about to turn around when we noticed a road that was slightly overgrown. Mariah and I looked at each other and said “we got 45 minutes to waste, why not?”

Bucket list item part 1!!!

We walked down the road and we saw some other buildings. Turns out they were ruins of some old buildings. We went further and noticed a house that was abandon a overgrown garden where the water used to flow. It was truly an amazing sight! Then we walked down the other road and found two large sliding doors, we opened them and found another beautiful garden!

After that we returned to the resort were we waited to go inside. We found out we were making our own sushi! They tought us how to make a flower sushi role, and a bite size role! I was very happy with my results. (Both visual and tasteful) 

After that. We have a little bit more of free time where some of us just chilled and talked for a bit. 

Next we had sports. We went to the gym and played the ball relay race, and the 3 legged race. My red team shirt was way too small for me but I made the best of it! Hulk smash! 

Once we were done with that, Will and I decided to go take a bath. As usually it was amazing and relaxing. After the bath Will and I decided to go outside. When we went outside we saw everyone filling up waterballoons. So Will and I joined in the helping of filling them up. We had about 3 buckets full. 

We all got in a circle and counted to 1 and ran to grab the balloons. I targeted Chappy, only cause he was the biggest guy here and you know… he can’t win. I oddly made it out with a few wet spots, but nothing that wouldn’t dry in a few minutes. 

After that we all went down and packed up for tomorrow departure. We all met back in the front of the resort to walk down for the BBQ. At the BBQ they had pork, shrimp, scallops, and beef. Along with assorted veggies. After that we had ramen noodles (not the dollar pack) with the remaining stuff. Then, Steph, Valerie and I walked back to the cool deserted house. I wanted to show them and they loved it.

Bucket list part 2!!!

Only this time, we found a Buddha statue, and we followed a new path. There we found a huge gate like massive, and some other houses. We also found a grave and soon found out it was an old cemetery. This gate was beautiful! It had such amazing woodwork on the doors. 

We had to leave to go to fireworks! We all got lots and lots of sparklers to play with! After that they showed us a mouse firework which spin in a cool circle! Then they had us do a competition with these cool sparklers that would fall off eventually. Whoever had the shortest sparkler one. I won once! 

Then Will, Rowland, Brandon and I went to the baths one last time, it was so peaseful at nighttime. After we got out, we all bought milk, the students told us to drink it after our bath, and I’ll tell you I am so clean and peaceful! 

Currently I am sitting in a game room while Will and Elizabeth are singing Karaoke, and I’m just thinking about how we have to leave this amazing place tomorrow. Oh well, we have to get up early cause my room is scheduled for serving breakfast! Tomorrow we are gonna go see a castle!

Till next time!!



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