I just have to say this TODAY WAS SO AMAZING!!!! 

But before that, let me start in order. So as usual I woke up and ate breakfast, and then we all went to Technos College for some lessons on Japanese Language and Culture! Our first one was a bit of an language course. 

We were taught how to introduce ourselves to someone for the first time. So if I said: 

How do you do! I am Jacob. I came from America. Nice to meet you.

In Japanese I would say: 

Hajime mashite? Watashi wa Jacob desu. Amerika kara kimashita. Doozo Yoroshiku. 

After that we were given a sheet with consonants and vowels in Japanese. We had to learn the 25 different ones by symbol and sound. After that we played a game where the students would read off a sound and we would have to find the card with the symbol (in Japanese) and touch it first. Whoever had the most cards by the end one. I of course outbeat everyone, even the American kids who spoke Japanese…. okay so I got two cards but you try it, it’s kinda hard. 

Then we went and ate lunch. The interesting part about lunch was that when we were done there were separate trays for chopsticks, cups, and spoons. Then you had to dump all the leftover food on your tray in a trash can, then you went and rinsed off your plate, and put it in this big water area. 

We had some free time so a few of the American students and I went in an elevator. This was the 9 floors high thing that I told you about yesterday. We went to the top and saw something we didn’t expect. All of Fuchu (where we currently are, just outside of Tokyo) was laid out in front of us. It was an indescribable sight to see for miles. 

After that we went to the afternoon sessions. This consisted of 4 groups of Technos students teaching us different things. Two was language, one was manners, and one was chopsticks. I learned how to say thank you! And I have been saying it to everyone that I can! 

After that we got a presentation on a trip we’re going to go to next week. It has lots and lots of shopping stalls! 

When that was done, we went back to the hotel and decided to go to Shinjuku. We got there though several trains that Vanessa nagavated.  Once we arived we walked across the street and thousand of neon signs and shops unfolded in front of us. We said we would all meet back at the big gate at 8 o’clock. We went around the shops for a bit and I even got a delicious ice cream thing.  But my favorite part was the very first building. It was called cat cafe! You paid 600 yen (roughly $6) to spend 30 minutes in a big room with CATS and coffee!!!! I was in heaven and they had a munchkin cat!!! 

That was the highlight of my day. I bought a shirt (which I plan to wear tomorrow), and some very cool chopsticks both costed 100 yen or about 10 dollars. 

From there we got back on the train which was indescribable crowed and we finally made it back to the hotel. I took a bath in our rooms deep deep tub and finished packing for Midori No Mura (Green Village). We will be there for 2 whole days, and we’ll also be going to see Mt. Fuji! 

I do not know if there will be wifi there, but if not I’ll try and remember everything for when I get back.

Till tomorrow! 



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