Goodbye Golconda Illinois…


The time is currently 4:19, of course by the time I am done typing and post this, it will be several minutes later. I only have a hours left before I leave the town where I have spent at least 75% of my life. The small town surround by the Shawnee National Forest, that I have barley left its borders.

I am traveling to the hotel of my mother and grandmothers choice near McKendree. They usually stay there when I have a performance with McKendree Theater Department. I am so happy that we are leaving the day before. I would have had to wake up at 3am in order to leave and get to my seat on the airplane before it takes off. I can officially say that I am completely packed and ready.

One of my local scholarship benefactors surprised me, on opening night of the most recent play I performed in, with this brand new luggage set and a thousand dollar check that I used for my tuition. I just received the messenger bag I purchased for my trip. I figured that would hold anything I needed to walk around Tokyo and then some.

My grandmother, or Grammy as I call her, is a volunteer manager at our towns local re-sale shop. The store is own by the town, and all the proceeds go to making Golconda a better place. Whether that be up keeping our towns local museum,  or helping someone in need due to a house fire. Because my Grammy is, well a grandmother, she talks about me a lot. Tells all her customers about Japan, and the many other things I do that makes her excited for me. One of her customers gave me a check for fifty bucks in December, just because she was so proud of me. I don’t even know her that well! Well the point of telling you this is; she gave my Grammy another check for fifty dollars today! She wished me much excitement on my trip! On top of that my Grammy also gave me $200 for souvenirs!

I am so thankful for everyone that has helped me get here. To this point where I am 2 and a half days away from Japan. I don’t mean to sound like I am at the Oscars or Grammys, but I am going to. I would first like to thank McKendree University for the opportunity, and the Writing Center for reading and helping me with my essay of interest. 4 times. I want to thank Dr. Alan Alewine, Dr. Stephen Hagan, and the other two faculty members that selected me for this opportunity for Technos. I would like to thank My mother Laurie, and my two friends Genna Fanning, and Kathryn Finley for giving me pointers about my own life to include in my essay. Thank you to the two lovely ladies who have govin me such generosity that I stated above. I would like to thank Chloe Thies, and Andrew Wagner for helping me with pointers for the interview, and helping me get a better understanding of what to expect while I am over there. I would like to specially thank Patti Daniels for answering my thousand questions I have had. I also want to thank my grandmother for buying me an expensive camerato share my experience. Most importantly I want to thank my mother and my grandmother for helping me become the person I am today without them, I wonder if I would have possessed the qualities that led me to this opportunity. 
Please like or comment through my journey! I like to see you’re guys comments!!!


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